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Vehicle catches fire after high speed chase in Southern San Diego County.

A woman in Bonita was arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego County on February 22, 2015, but not until she had led the police on a pursuit, the end result being that her car caught on fire, leading to the two officers having to pull her from her vehicle.

According to the article on Fox new San Diego, her vehicle had become disabled, but she continued to press on the accelerator, causing friction between the rim and the asphalt, causing sparks to fly,(in more ways than one).

Potential charges in her case are:

— Vehicle Code 23152(a) & (b): DUI, although the only fact we are given in regards to the DUI charge is that she was arrested for it; and

–Vehicle Code 2800.2: Evading an officer;

–Penal Code 148(a)(1) or Penal Code 69 — Resisting Arrest.

The article can be read here: