Marijuana DUI’s: The future? Looks like it.

An interesting article in the Union Tribune recently on what level of marijuana should be legally allowed in your system for the DUI laws. The article is here:

This has been an issue for some time now in Criminal courts throughout the country and it is just starting to get mainstream attention. With all the frenzy of those actively embracing the legalization of Marijuana, one little fact has seemed to escape them and that is that law enforcement is now targeting marijuana DUIs. So the issue becomes, as the article put it, how stoned is too stoned?

Lets ask Ron Paul:

That used to be the common thinking. DUI with Marijuana was laughable. Many in the article, and all throughout the courthouses and country advocate for zero tolerance. Currently, in the state of Washington where Marijuana was legalized, it is zero tolerance for this under 21.  Therefore if you are under 21, and you have any marijuana in your system, and you are driving, you are guilty of driving under the influence.  What’s that? You smoked two weeks ago? Too bad.

As the article stated:

“Drugged driving is on the increase. Nearly twice as many California drivers tested positive for drugs than alcohol in a recent study, and 30 percent of drivers in the state’s fatal crashes tested positive for an impairing drug, according to state officials.”

Is drugged driving on the increase? I doubt it. Are they now testing for it? That sounds more like it. Did 30% of the drivers in the states fatal crashes test positive for an impairing drug?  That is certainly possible. It would be nice to know who the state official was though. It would also be nice to know what is classified as an impairing drug? Does that include caffeine? What percentage out of that 30% was the impairing drug marijuana?  Out of that percentage, what percentage was only marijuana? I have a feeling it is a real small number. If it is was a big number, i have another feeling that we would already know what the number is.

Maybe Marijuana DUI’s are a legitimate concern, but we all need to remember that if we are going to throw people in jail, we should really have more information about the harm they are actually causing, or could potentially cause.  Or make sure to have enough money for your kids and grandkids to have a chauffeur.

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